Your Assignment From God

You and I were created by God, you are not the product of evolution. If you and I were the product of evolution, then life would have no meaning. We would have no purpose except to live and die. However, you were created by God. Therefore your life has purpose, but what is that purpose? What are you and I supposed to do with our lives?

Today I begin a new message series called “Created To Do What?” That’s one of the most important questions anyone can ask. Doesn’t matter if your 9 or 90, you need to ask and find answers to the question “What Was I Created To Do?” As I was pondering that question I was reminded of an old song by Bob Dylan called “Gotta Serve Somebody.” You were created to serve somebody, you were created to accept an assignment for your life from somebody. You have a choice to make, who are you going to serve? The song says there are two choices of who you’re going to serve, the devil or the Lord. Dylan is right about that.

NIV Romans 6:13 Do not offer the parts of your body to sin, as instruments of wickedness, but rather offer yourselves to God as instruments of righteousness. That’s the choice, offer yourself to serve sin and the devil or offer yourself to serve God. Now, most people think there are three choices in life: serve God, serve myself or serve the devil. Few people think they serve the devil, most just want to do what they want to do. The truth of the matter is whatever you don’t give to God, you give to the devil. Serving yourself, the big I, is the same as serving the devil. Only two choices in life, serving God or the devil. Both God and the devil have a plan for your life. God has an assignment for you and Satan has an assignment for you.

Today I want to talk about “Your Assignment From God.” Only by accepting God’s assignment for your life will you be doing something significant. Only by accepting God’s assignment for your life will you be part of making a difference in the world for good. Only by accepting God’s assignment for your life will all the pieces of your life fit into place. So don’t fight it any longer. This morning I want to encourage you to offer all of yourself to God, accept your assignment from God. In future messages, we’ll be talking more about what your assignment is. Today I want to answer the question, “Why accept your assignment from God?”

To hear more about this topic, listen to my August 27, 2006 message entitled Your Assignment From God




  1. I agree..It’s wonderful message. Right now, I am at the cross road. What’s my assignment?.Wish I could get the answer soon !

  2. The way to get the answer sooner is to spend more time in the Word, time with Him. The Holy Spirit communicates through the Word.

    Get a pad of paper and 2 or 3 translations of the Bible. I like the NASB, CEV, and paraphrases The Message and The Living Bible. If you don’t have this variety, just go to I learned best when making notes. It is forced meditation (see Psalm 1:2).

    Rick Warren has a great book – How to Study the Bible. I wish I had read it before I got through my struggles with only the Holy Spirit help and advice from a couple of friends.

    The more time meditating on the Word, the more guidance you will get, the clearer He can make yur assignment. Paul spent 3 years alone before starting his ministry. Prepare and be mentored. You have great things ahead of you.

    Jeff in Atlanta

  3. I can get the great message to night and i will blees so much and I hope you continue to serve the lord and you encourage to each and everyone ,speak to other man or woman what you learn about JESUS CHRIST …GOD BLEES YOU ,and your family …stay happy always ,,follow to our god ,,i love you …thank you …

  4. greetings pastor dan i got a lot out your messagegod bless you and you family i serve in my church and allways feel i dont serve god enought your brother in christ brad in california

  5. I have had four signs from God the first two prior to my conversion. Shortly after the second I became a Christian the third came to me in church when I felt God speak to me and asking me to serve him and spread the Glory of his word. I am ashamed that I did not pay full attention to this. Then today I was praying with a group of other christians and one said to me he saw me holding the flaming sword of God. How to do I put this sign to proper use in my walk with God?

    1. In the Bible, the sword of God often refers to the Word of God. You might want to look up those references and ask God how He wants you to use His Word as a sword to accomplish His purposes.

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